Our Partners

Our Partners

The Governor Services Team seeks to continually enhance the service it offers to governing boards by working with other groups and organisations both within and outside of the Local Authority.

Examples of these are:

  • National Co-ordinators of Governor Services
  • The National Governors Association
  • The School Governors One Stop Shop
  • The Manchester Diocesan Board of Education
  • The Diocese of Salford Office for Education

National Governors Association (NGA)          

The National Governors’ Association represents school governors in England.
The NGA is an independent charity that aims to support and promote good governance in our schools; they do this through lobbying, via a range of contacts with ministers, policy makers and education organisations. They also run national conferences, and a number of regional events.

The NGA produce a magazine ‘Governing Matters’ which is sent direct to members homes, with additional copies sent to schools and local authorities. We also produce papers and publications offering information and guidance to governors.

In addition the NGA represents the governor perspective in a variety of settings inside and outside government.

For further information on the NGA, please visit their website using the following link


School Governor One Stop Shop (SGOSS)        

SGOSS is a national charity set-up in 1999 by the Department for Education. They recruit volunteers with transferable skills to become school governors.

They work with volunteers through the application process and help facilitate their appointment to school governing boards. The SGOSS work in partnership with local authorities to fill governor vacancies, and schools can come to them direct to register available positions and all services are free of charge.

For further information on the SGOSS, please visit their website using the following link


National Co-ordinators of Governor Services     

NCOGS is a committee representing Local Authority providers of services to school governors.

The committee is made up of co-ordinators of governor services (COGS) from across the eight regional groups and is funded through subscription. Bolton works directly with the North-West Co-ordinators of Governor Services group.

As a group the COGS exist to support and enable the delivery of high quality services to governors and to ensure effective governance in schools. The committee also provides a mechanism for professionals working in governor services to access a range of materials and development opportunities. It is the committee's responsibility to influence and initiate national policy by identifying common themes emerging from the regions and then to communicate the outcomes to support the continuous improvement of local authority governor services.

For further information on the NWCOGS, please visit their website using the following link