Governance Clusters

Governance Clusters

Schools and academies within Bolton are gathered into geographical cluster groups and representatives from each school meet on a regular basis to discuss issues affecting schools and academies. These groups were initially established as a network for head teachers and due to their success a separate group for governors matched with the same geographic clusters were established. 

There are 10 clusters in the primary sector and 3 clusters in the secondary sector. Copies of the cluster grouping models can be downloaded below.

Meeting as a cluster can be beneficial in the following ways: 

  • Maintain links between schools.
  • Provide a support network.
  • Share knowledge and information.
  • Raise profile of initiatives and council services.
  • Travelling distance and time are reduced.
  • Cost of training is shared with the cluster schools.
  • Training sessions can be tailored to the cluster’s needs.
  • Schools in similar areas have lots in common.
  • Getting together creates opportunities to share good practice.
  • Getting together creates opportunities to share problems and solutions.

Through the Governor Development Officer, governor cluster meetings can be arranged and training and development can be provided or brokered through the groups.  Contact with each group is usually made via the chair of governors and the head teacher of each school in the group.

It is usual practice for one or two governor representatives from each school in the cluster to attend the sessions and then feedback information to their governing board.

For further information on governor cluster groups or to discuss costs, please contact Annette Harris, Governor Development Officer on 01204 332104 or via email at