Governor Development and Excellence

Governor Exchange

The Governor Services Team recognise that governors are an important part of the leadership and management of the school and therefore the development of the governing board is an integral part of a school’s improvement and growth.

The Department for Education states that: “Training and development is a vital part of becoming an effective governor.  It assists governors in dealing with the issues that occur regularly, in keeping up with the many changes taking place in education, and in supporting schools to raise standards.”

Also in a recent Ofsted resource “School Governance – Learning from the Best”, it is stated: “The quality of the work of the governing board is a matter of considerable importance”

Governor Development and the Role of the Governor Development Officer

As part of the Governor Services Team's commitment to governing board effectiveness, the service offers access to a Governor Development Officer. The role of the Governor Development Officer is to support governing boards and local area cluster groups in developing their awareness and understanding of governance and to enable them to fulfil their role effectively in supporting school improvement. 

The Governor Development Officer, through the Governor Services Team service level agreement, will support governing boards in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities and can provide support by means of audit and self-evaluation to assess the development needs of governing boards. 

From this audit and self-evaluation, support and development can be provided in various ways as follows:

  • A bespoke development programme tailored to meet governors’ specific development needs.
  • Identification of training required on key topics which can then be brokered through the Governor Training Officer, Local Authority and external providers.
  • Working with clusters of schools with the same identified needs to provide training and development opportunities.

Communication and Partnership

Improving communication for governors, facilitating governor to governor support and sharing expertise and skills are also essential elements of the Governor Development Officer’s role.

The Governor Services Team  facilitates networking opportunities and partnership through the organisation and management of the following sessions:

  • Partnership Forums
  • Chairs’ Briefings
  • Cluster Group meetings/training
  • Governor Conferences

These sessions enable governors to keep up to date and respond to new demands arising from changes in legislation and local authority initiatives affecting governance.

In these ever changing times, governors have a sharper role in a more autonomous system and their ability to challenge and lead is key - governors need to be able to ask the right questions and know their school’s data. 

Through the Governor Development Officer, Governor Services Team plans the annual timetable of events for the Primary and Secondary Forums to keep governors up to date and informed about local and national initiatives and to develop and share good practice in governance.